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Intel Laptop With Intel Core i7-1195G7 Beats Desktop CPUs In a Single-Core Test


At the end of last month, Intel announced new U-series chips, including the Core i7-1195G7. Important feature: a turbo clock frequency of 5.0 GHz. Now the first independent benchmark shows that the chip can also heat up desktop colleagues when it comes to performance.

Performance Improved

Even if we were able to provide you with detailed information about the presentation of the new Tiger Lake UP3 chips, Intel owed specific performance data on the latest duo on the Computex 2021 stage. As Videocardz now reports, it is thanks once again to an entry in the Geekbench benchmark database that the first performance test results from third parties are now available – and they are particularly impressive when it comes to single-core performance.

As can be seen from the benchmark entry that was created on June 4th, the Intel Core i7-1195G7 achieved 1662 to 1700 points in Geekbench V5 single-core. In the multi-core result, the new flagship among the energy-saving Tiger Lake CPUs achieved 6005 points at the top. The trick with which Intel achieves these great values ​​is quickly named: Intel Max Turbo 3.0. For the first time, the manufacturer is driving one of its energy-saving chips in turbo to a clock frequency of 5.0 GHz.

With a look at the single-core results, the Intel Core i7-1195G7 only has to rank just behind Intel’s 11th Gen Core “Rocket Lake-S” offer in terms of top performance. The desktop CPUs of the Ryzen 5000X series AMD, on the other hand, even have to admit slight defeat in this sub-area, the Ryzen 9 5950X after all by only three points. In the race with the SKUs i7-1185G7 and 1165G7, which come to 1400 points, the refresh has also increased very significantly.

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Of course, the following applies to performance in everyday life: Many adjusting screws allow chips to exploit their full potential, especially with notebook drives, the cooling performance remains a decisive factor. In this case, the Intel Core i7-1195G7 was chased through the Geekbench processor test track in a pre-production model of the “Clevo NV4XMJ” notebook, but precise data on the structure are still missing here.