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Intel Postpones The Launch Of Core i-11000 To March 2021

Core i 11000

With the processors of the Intel Rocket Lake S series, presumably called Core i-11000, Intel will – in all probability – present its last 14nm desktop chips. Now there are reports that a start here is unlikely to be expected until late spring 2021.

Rocket Lake-S-Series won’t be there until March 2021

According to the previous planning, it was actually planned that Intel would introduce new desktop processors by January 2021 at the latest. As Videocardz now reports, the launch window seems to have moved back significantly here. So far, rumors had spoken that Intel will show what can be expected from the new processor family at CES 2021. According to the report, Intel has now postponed the presentation to the tenth week in 2021 – the Intel Rocket Lake S series would therefore be presented in March at the earliest.

This shift is particularly interesting when looking at the competition from AMD: Here, at an event on October 8th, you will find out what the new Ryzen 5000 processors with the fresh Zen3 architecture will do – currently, it looks like it that it will be very difficult for Intel to even come close to being on par with the price-performance ratio. But if the company does not reveal the Core i-11000 family until March, as has now been reported, there will be a gap of almost half a year until an answer to Zen 3.

New features, new motherboards

According to all available information, Rocket Lake-S will be compatible with current motherboards of the 400 series – this means that even Intel computers with motherboards advertised as “hardware-ready” for PCIe Gen4 can fully utilize the performance of the interface. Intel Rocket Lake-S will be equipped with a new core architecture (Cypress Cove) and Intel Xe Gen12 graphics (Xe-LP) and will bring PCIe 4.0 support for graphics and memory as a feature upgrade.

In addition, Intel should plan the launch of new motherboards of the 500 series, Videocardz mentions the Z590 and B560. Intel is said to have recently added memory overclocking support for the B560 series, which was previously an exclusive feature of the Zx70 / x90 series. It will be very interesting to see how the market for desktop CPUs will move in the coming weeks and months.

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