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Intel Starts Driver Update Due To BSD on Windows 10/11

Intel has fixed problems with WLAN and Bluetooth drivers that were increasingly leading to the infamous Blue Screen of Death for Windows users. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users were affected.

This emerges from an update message from Intel. Intel users had previously reported problems that, in the worst case, led to unforeseen system crashes. Now, these problems should be fixed.

Alternatively, you can always stay up to date with the Intel Update Assistant. The new driver versions have been distributed for a few days. If you haven’t received the update automatically yet, you should act now. 

Users are strongly recommended to install the updated WLAN drivers (Intel PROSet/Wireless Software Version 22.190.0) and Bluetooth drivers (Intel Wireless Bluetooth 22.190.0) as they contain important security-related changes in addition to functional updates.

Wi-Fi performance limited

The new Intel wireless drivers fix various bugs related to video streaming. In addition, users describe an error that under certain circumstances led to the downlink throughput performance being reduced (WLAN driver). 

According to the information, this only happened with 160 MHz channels. The full list of supported products and driver versions released by Intel to address these issues are included in the release notes for new driver updates.