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Intel Updates Core X Series Chips While Reducing Prices of Existing Processors

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Intel has announced upgrading its Core-X product line which is based on the Cascade Lake series of processors this time. Intel has released four chips in all with Core i9-10980XE Extreme Edition which is the most powerful chip in the latest release. The 10980XE chip has the lowest base speed at 3GHz however, it contains the highest number of cores which is 18 along with the largest L3 cache with 24.75MB.

The second pearl of Core-X spectrum is Core 19-10900X having the highest base frequency at 3.7GHz but it has only 10 cores and 19.25MR of cache, as compared to the XE one it’s base frequency is higher with fewer cores and less cache.

The other two chips are 10940X and 10920X having 14 and 12 cores and the cores clocked at 3.3GHz and 3.5GHz respectively, along with 19.25MB cache.

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Intel has reduced the prices of existing chips significantly after releasing new chips in the market, the company has sliced almost half of the price of its top i9 processors. Last year, top 9980XE chip was introduced for $1980 and this year the price goes down to $980.

The other processors including 10940X, 10920X and 10900X will cost $785, $690 and $590 respectively.

Cascade Lake chips are built on the older Skylake 14nm process manufacturing, the manufacturer has now moved beyond with its Ice Lake launch. As far as competitors are concerned, Intel has done little expensive job, AMD announced its 3rd gen Ryzen processors based on 7nm process technology in May, the processor is Ryzen 9 3900X which costs $500 along with 12 cores and 2.8GHz base frequency with boosts 4.6GHz along with 70MB of the cache.

At the time of launch, AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su said, “It’s half the price of our competition and much more in performance.” Intel might be working on a new type of memory after publishing a research paper that says it would be safe against speculative execution side-channel attacks, like meltdown, L1TF, SGXSpectre, Spectre, SWAPGSAttack, MDS, Zombieland, and others.

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