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Internal specs of Galaxy M54 given its appearance on Geekbench

A current update on the Geekbench benchmark platform indicated the internal specifications of Galaxy M54. The showoff reveals that Samsung is on verge of showcasing its next-generation mid-range smartphones. The Galaxy M54 is a successor to the Galaxy M53. Where Galaxy M53 was made official back in April.  

Given the information about this device on the Geekbench record, only certain areas of the device have been demonstrated. Furthermore, the records provide a quick look into the performance and efficiency of the forthcoming Galaxy M-series smartphone. The processor, operating system, memory capacity, and benchmark scores are listed in this update.

Internal specifications of Galaxy M54

  • Exynos 1380 SoC processor [though the processor is still in the developmental phase. But it will launch before the smartphone makes its official appearance]
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Based on Android 13
  • Will possibly receive some customizations from One UI 5 software
  • OS and security updates for a timespan of two to three years

Since the launch of the Galaxy M54 is months away, other information and spec details remain unknown at this moment. There is no information on battery capacity, design, camera settings, and screen specifications. We can expect some kind of leaked news from sources that will make us aware of the details of the device. Till then we will be working to bring in more details for our viewers. While side by side waiting for the official launch of Samsung’s next-generation smartphone.

Given the Exynos 1380 processor, the Samsung Galaxy M54 secured a score of 750 on single-core as per the Gookbench 5 platform. Concerning the multi-core score, the device secured 2,696 points. This scoring range is good to go with a mid-range smartphone. Once the device becomes official, it will undergo various testing revealing a distinct score or it could either showcase a similar score as available on the Geekbench.