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iOS 16.3 let you customize your lock screen with a traditional wallpaper

Apple has introduced its latest feature for the iPhone that allows you to customize your lock screen with multiple widgets, alternate font styles, and setting up more than one wallpaper. Although regular iPhone wallpapers will be excluded from the update, people can enjoy this feature before installing the update. This update will be available with iOS 16.3.

Customizing your lock screen with a classic iOS wallpaper

Apple hasn’t clearly mentioned it in the release details for iOS 16.3. Although the most recent update allows users to add widgets to their traditional iPhone wallpaper, Font size can also be customized if you still have the previous version.

Before the update, when users needed to customize their lock screen with a device that contained wallpaper, it would show a notification that the lock screen was non-customizable. So you have to use a different wallpaper if you need to customize your lock screen. But with this latest update, you will be asked whether you need to customize a new wallpaper or just want to edit an existing one.

Customize current lock screen shows the following notification:

Customize the Current Lock Screen

Customizing the current lock screen replaces the current home screen wallpaper. Adding new wallpaper keeps the current wallpaper and creates an additional one.

Although iOS 16 still doesn’t allow users to select among other vintage wallpapers, And once you remove your vintage wallpaper, it cannot be replaced. The iOS 16 wallpapers are no longer static graphics because of the redesigned lock screen, which contains animations and images that interact with the clock and widgets. Instead, they are produced in real time.

These classic wallpapers are available for download from an older version of your device.