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iOS And iPad OS 14 Comes With New Features Full Keyboard And Mouse

iOS 14

Earlier it was reported that developers extracted hints from iOS 14 code snippets that the next-generation Apple Watch or watch OS7 might support the blood Oxygen monitoring function.

9to5 Mac later reported that iOS 14/iPadOS 14 will support more complete keyboards, and the headset icon will have light and dark colors, Guo Mingyi said.  

Let’s talk about that headset first. The new icons in iOS 14 are available in light and dark colors, which seems to suggest that the new headphones will have a light and dark color, while the current AirPods series products only have a white color. In fact, in addition to the Beats series, as early as 2018, there was news that Apple was building its own headphones. In addition, in a report released by Guo Mingyi in January, it was also pointed out that Apple will launch new headsets later this year.

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As for Apple’s new headphones, compared to Beats’ current products, it may have some of the characteristics of AirPods series products, such as using the same H1 chip, noise reduction, automatic recognition of whether to wear and support voice wake Siri Wait.

The iPad OS 14 code reveals more information about keyboard and mouse operations. It can be said that keyboard and mouse operations are fully supported at the system level. Although Apple added support for mouse operation in iPadOS 13, for users who really want to use a keyboard and mouse to do productivity work on iPad, that operation may not be as good as using Apple Pencil, because it is not accurate at all. iPadOS 14 may improve this, making it the mainstream operating method on the iPad. Prior to this, a source pointed out that Apple will launch iPad smart keyboard products with a touchpad. With this series of actions, Apple is turning the iPad into its own Surface.

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