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iPhone 11 Update To iOS 14.5 Significantly Improves Battery Life

The iOS 14.5 update significantly improves the battery condition of the iPhone 11. According to the testimonies of several users, the installation of the beta version effectively recalibrates the battery health indicator in a few weeks. 

A few weeks ago, Apple rolled out the sixth public beta of iOS 14.5 to all iPhone members of the beta program. On the iPhone 11, this beta version fixes a bug with the battery calibration. The battery status indicator, accessible from the device settings, showed incorrect estimates on some models.

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In the end, many users were convinced that the iPhone 11’s battery had deteriorated quickly. To correct the situation, Apple has deployed a battery recalibration tool. Within a matter of weeks, this tool was to allow “the battery health measurement system to recalibrate the maximum capacity and the optimum performance capacity of the battery”. 

Apple Fixes iPhone 11 Battery Condition Bug Via Update

According to testimonials that appeared on Twitter or Reddit, this recalibration tool is really effective. Several reputable iOS developers have shared the results displayed by the battery status indicator on social media. In a few weeks, the health of the battery has dropped from 86% to 90% on some iPhone 11s.

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Others even claim that the indicator has risen from 90 to 99%, which corresponds to “optimum battery capacity”. We compared these results with those obtained by several people around us. In any case, the installation of the beta made it possible to gain at least a few points.

If this recalibration tool does not reassemble the condition of the battery, the process has visibly failed. In this case, Apple recommends changing the battery by going to an Apple authorized centre. Currently, the iOS 14.5 update is only available in beta. Apple recently rolled out the 8th public beta on all compatible iPhones. The deployment of the final and stable version is expected in the spring.