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iPhone 12 And New iPads To Launch In October

iPhone 12

For some time, rumors have persisted that at least some iPhones will not be ready in time for September. The disruption surrounding the corona pandemic in particular caused problems on schedule. However, it was noted previously that Apple will hold the event on October 27 to launch some of its products but that wasn’t confirmed until today.

iPhone 12 in October Confirmed?

According to Prosser, the new iPhone 12 will not be released until October.

Qualcomm’s CFO, Akash Palkhiwala, had previously been drawn to statements about Apple’s 5G iPhones, citing October as a possible release date. The chip producer made its quarterly report yesterday. Subsequently, Palkhiwala spoke with the Reuters agency, among others. There is a delay in a flagship smartphone, he explained. Accordingly, part of the company’s own expected sales would move from September to December.

Qualcomm signed a new license agreement with Apple last year to supply 5G modems for some of Apple’s coming iPhones. In the medium term, Apple would like to produce and use its own chips after the acquisition of Intel’s modem division and thus become even more autonomous.

New iPads in October?

Back to Prosser again. This further claims that Apple will also release new iPads in October. The rumor mill says the company plans to release a 10.8-inch (27.43-centimeter) iPad Air and breathe new life into the iPad mini.

iPhone event in September anyway?

Another anonymous disclosure journalist, iHacktu Pro, recently claimed that Apple would still hold an iPhone event in September. In addition to the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 6 would also be shown. It is also exciting that, according to iHacktu Pro, Apple would introduce the first Mac with its own processor in October and also show a new iPad Pro. Last but not least, Apples wants to breathe new life into an October event and reveal the AR glasses “Apple Glass” to the public for the first time.

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