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iPhone 12 Buyers In France Get Free Earpods

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In France, Apple continues to sell the new iPhone 12 with free EarPods – despite the announcement that it will in future forego headphones and charging plugs in favor of the environment. A law in France makes this possible.

Companies that want to sell a smartphone in France must, by law, provide a standard scope of delivery that enables the customer to make calls without a cell phone to the ear. With this regulation, Apple is not allowed to rationalize the EarPods in our neighboring country. Apple also adheres to this requirement and has adapted the scope of delivery for the iPhone 12 family on the French Apple website. All models still come with the EarPods, but also in France without the charger.

Interesting: the models are sold for 10 euros more than in Germany, adjusted for sales tax – but the individual earpods are not available from Apple for less than 18.50 euros (19% VAT: 18.98 euros). For residents of France close to the border, it would be cheaper to get the iPhone in France if Earpods are needed.

Apple gets a lot of criticism

The decision to drastically reduce the scope of delivery for the iPhone 12 has already generated a lot of criticism from Apple. Very few users are happy with the decision, even if many iPhone owners neither use the supplied EarPods nor have the charging plug unpacked. Especially since the iPhone has also supported inductive charging, many iPhone packaging may still be lying around with untouched accessories in practice. Not only with customers, was the omission met with incomprehension. There was a lot of ridicule from the competition. The marketing jokes of competitors like Samsung or Xiaomi are now being shared on social networks. Apple has achieved one thing with the idea of ​​reducing the scope of delivery for environmental reasons: Users around the world are talking about it, regardless of whether they are Apple owners or not. The group has once again initiated a debate and perhaps also started a new trend. The omission in favor of the environment is now likely to find imitators in any case.