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iPhone 12 Event: MagSafe Magnetic Charger Details revealed

Magnetic Charger Apple

In the run-up to today’s Apple keynote, there is a magnetic charger that could charge the new iPhone 12 (Pro Max) similar to the Apple Watch via wireless charging. Insiders have suspected for several days that a MagSafe comeback is likely to be planned.

With the “Hi-Speed” event starting at 7 pm German time, Apple is expected to present the new iPhone 12 family, which will not only have a fresh design, improved cameras, and more power. The rumor mill has been talking about “new” charging methods since last week, with a magnetic charging cable – comparable to that of the in-house smartwatch – taking center stage. Korean Mac Blog Macotakara (via Macrumors ) is now publishing the first information about suitable accessories.

MagSafe Brand In The Keynote?

If you trust the leaks, the first pictures show a wireless charger that is magnetically connected to the iPhone 12 and is to be offered by the Japanese manufacturer MPOW. Magnets arranged in a circle inside the charger and the new iPhones are intended to ensure that the wireless charging process goes off as efficiently as possible. In comparison, current wireless charging pads have the disadvantage that users first have to put smartphones in the correct position and they can also slip. MPOW itself is talking about delivering the charger from December.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will even interpret this method as a classic wireless charging, as the process seems far from it. Charging the Apple Watch and the corresponding accessories are also described by the manufacturer as magnetic, but not as wireless. In addition, the forecasted chargers “MagSafe Charger” and “MagSafe Duo Charger” manage without the wireless add-on. Further information can be expected during the keynote, which you can follow from 7 p.m. in our Apple Special via Livestream.