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iPhone 12 Models Face Qi Standard Charging Problems

iPhone 12 Qi standard charging

The new iPhone 12 models have problems with wireless charging via the Qi standard. User reports say that certain chargers will stop charging or not start at all. Apple probably provides a solution with the release of iOS 14.2.

Qi charging is initially a problem with the iPhone 12 family

Qi wireless charging, available as standard since 2010, has been in use in the iPhone family since the iPhone X and iPhone 8 generation from 2017. For new owners of iPhone 12 models, it was probably all the more surprising that some existing Qi chargers refused to charge the new smartphones, while old models could continue to be supplied with power – corresponding problem reports appeared in help forums and on shortly after sales started Reddit heaped.

As can be seen from the reports of affected users, the chargers either completely refuse wireless charging or stop the process for some inexplicable reason and without further intervention. Some users want the charging to work again after restarting the iPhone, others were able to make do with realigning the devices.

As MacRumors writes in his report, one could understand the problem with charging stations from different manufacturers. Accordingly, the problem had occurred with Zens Liberty Wireless Charger, Mophies Charge Stream Pad +, the Nomad Base Station Stand, and the Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand. The help forum provides a list of devices that are known to cause problems with the iPhone 12:

These Qi chargers do not work with the iPhone 12 / Pro prior to iOS 14.2:

  • Zens Liberty Wireless Charger
  • NOMAD Base Station Pro
  • Choetech J-T511-S-WH
  • Mophie Charge Stream Pad +
  • Nomad Base Station Stand
  • Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand
  • Seneo WaveStand 014 QI Wireless Charger (PA190A)
  • Ravpower HyperAir RP-PC069

Update should help

A solution to the problem will follow with the release of iOS 14.2. Apple has announced a known bug that “could prevent devices from charging wirelessly” and is providing a fix to that effect. Now it has to be shown in the next few days whether all problems related to Qi charging are off the tab.