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iPhone 12 Sales To Exceed $100 Billion For The First Time

iPhone 12 Pro

Apple released the iPhone 12 series of mobile phones last year. As Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, this series of mobile phones has indeed brought gratifying sales to Apple.

According to Wall Street analysts’ forecasts, Apple’s revenue may exceed $100 billion for the first time in its latest quarterly earnings report. 27 analysts predicted through Yahoo Finance that in the first fiscal quarter of 2021 ending on December 31, Apple’s sales are expected to reach 102.76 billion US dollars. Among them, some analysts expect the company’s revenue to reach up to 110.21 billion US dollars.

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According to data from Yahoo Finance, if calculated based on the expected median revenue of $102.76 billion, Apple’s revenue in the latest quarter will increase by about 16% over the same period last year. As for specific revenue, Apple will announce its latest earnings results after the market closes on Wednesday.

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Morgan Stanley’s two analyses predicted in the latest report that before Apple’s revenue this quarter will set a record, they have purchased more Apple shares. The two analysts rated Apple’s stock price as “overweight,” and their target price for the stock was $152. Apple shares rose in 2020 by 88%, as US Eastern Time January 22, 2021, Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 2.34 trillion.