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iPhone 13 Pro New Renders Surfaced

iPhone 13 Pro renders

We have been receiving iPhone 13 renders for some time now, nothing is solid at the moment but more of a rumor, yesterday @LeaksApplePro released a set of the latest renderings allegedly of the iPhone 13 Pro, claiming to be the final plan that Apple has finalized.

The new iPhone 13 Pro will basically continue the design ideas of the current model, still adopting a flat middle frame and full-screen notch design, but the area of ​​the notch has been greatly reduced, and adopts the mainstream micro-slit handset solution of the Android model, taking into account the screen. Compared with the Face ID face recognition effect, this is also the first change in the screen design of the new iPhone in four years.

At the same time, the rear three-camera camera module on the back of the fuselage adopts a crater convex shape, and the lens area has been increased a lot. If no accident, the image will be greatly upgraded.

The brand-new iPhone 13 series will continue to be unveiled in September this year. If nothing else, the screen upgrade will become the biggest part of this machine upgrade, and its price will also rise at the same time. The top version is expected to exceed $2300 in price.