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iPhone 13 To Feature Satellite Technology For Making Calls

Apple is working to make sure that the new generation of iPhones could not only handle calls via WLAN and cellular networks but also via satellites. According to current rumors, the smartphone is equipped with a corresponding modem. However, the provider must cooperate with the provider.

According to MacRumors, the information comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. An investor report shows that Apple is currently working on connecting the iPhone 13 to LEO satellites. The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is a relatively low orbit mainly used by communications satellites. In order to be able to establish a connection, a specially modified Qualcomm X60 chip is to be used in the iPhone 13. The communication service is offered by Globalstar. Cellular network operators have the opportunity to work with the company.

Users don’t need new contracts

If the provider cooperates with Globalstar, satellite telephony can be used without an additional contract. This means that iPhone 13 owners can be reached even if there is no network coverage in the current region. Compared to terrestrial networks, the Globalstar satellites naturally cover a much larger area. Only in the oceans and in the polar regions should there be some gaps.

Since Apple has not yet officially presented the iPhone 13, it is unclear whether the smartphone will actually have satellite telephony support. In addition, it remains unclear what costs users of communication with the aid of satellites will have to expect. Apple is expected to announce its next flagship generation on September 14th.