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iPhone 8: A Game Changer Might Release on Apple’s 10th Anniversary

iPhone 8 - Apple could release this fall.

Completing its first successful 10 years, Apple may roll out three iPhones in 2017. Rumors say that iPhone lovers could find iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 sitting in the stores before the end of the year.

Although the news has yet to be confirmed by the officials, market research firm TrendForce predicted a series of iPhones to be released this fall.

TrendForce also released in a news that the new iPhone 8 would support an AMOLED screen. This would be the first of its kind for iPhone.

“Next high-end iPhone will be the first in the series to feature AMOLED display in addition to other major design changes,” says TrendForce. “TrendForce also expects the next high-end iPhone to incorporate the 3D Sensing technology that can be used to provide facial recognition and features related to augmented reality (AR).”

Sources also claimed that only one of the iPhone would carry an AMOLED screen support. However, in the coming few years, this trend would replace every iPhone with the same feature.

With an annual increase of 6%, TrendForce also predicted that a total volume of 230 million iPhones would be sold in 2017. iPhone 8 or otherwise known as iPhone X to supersede other models.

Rumors also share the features of the trending iPhone 8. An all-glass enclosure with a metal spine separating the glass, the home button to become a part of the screen, and a curve-shaped screen.

Samsung S8, which is now a major competitor of iPhone 8, is also to be released in 2017. The date, however, recently being delayed for the second time.

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