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iPhones Likely to Get Banned in India

Apple’s iPhones likely to get banned in India. The reason that could lead to the ban is the company’s reluctance to abide with the local laws of the country.

An Indian Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) policy asks all the users to download “Do not disturb”—an application which empowers the users to report spam calls and messages. The app like all other applications asks for access to user’s messages, call records and contacts, etc, which is something Apple is not at all easy with and especially considering the latest privacy mishaps on the internet.

Apple has been denying listing the app on the App store owing to these concerns, however it is apparent that Apple might be forced to do it by the Indian regulatory authority.

Back in 2017, when the policy was first time introduced, Apple rejected to authorize it and at that time. As per sources the Indian government might take initiatives for imposing the decision on Apple.

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The policy has been revised last week. As per the revised policy the users are to install the application. Before the revision was done, the app download was not a mandatory thing it was on the choice of the user.

The Indian regulatory body has declared that all the mobile phone manufacturers have six months’ time to abide with the policy and if they would fail in doing so then their devices would be barred by the telecom operators from getting access to the cellular networks. In simpler words, their phones would lose the ability to have any access on messaging, voice and data services.

In India the concerns for Apple are on an inclination. According to a recent report Apple’s revenue in the country is decreasing and alongside three of the top-level executives have left their jobs in between the decreasing sale records.

Apple has started the local production recently of the iPhone 6/6s in India, in order to attract India’s extensive consumer base by reducing the product prices. But, the present import duty rates indicate that the prices of iPhone would remain at the current rates, which begins from $500 which is a lot more than an average smartphone price in India.

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