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iPhones may not be available in Pakistan from online stores

All online shopping stores operating in Pakistan have removed iPhones and Google Pixels from their catalog after the recent Customs Duty imposed by the PTI-led government.

Almost all popular online shopping stores including, Daraz, iShopping, and Telemart have stopped taking orders of Apple iPhone and Pixel mobile devices.

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When we tried to search iPhone on these sites, the results came up with mobile pouches and accessories for iPhone, with no information about the iPhone devices or even price in the country.

The direct link of the iPhone devices on some websites are showing that the product is currently out of stock, however, the listings of the iPhone devices have been removed from the search results and other pages of the online stores.

Apparently, it looks that the online stores took this decision after the government’s recent revision in the import policy of the smartphones.

Some of the report circulating on media shows that the people bringing smartphone from abroad worth of 24,000 Pakistani rupees and had to pay additional 10,000 Pakistan rupees on the name of Duties and other Regulatory taxes.