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Is Samsung preparing for the next-gen camera sensor [XISO-CELL]?

Samsung 200MP Camera Sensor

For the past few years, Samsung is utilizing ISOCELL branding for producing smartphone camera sensors. Initially, Samsung relied on ISOCELL branding during the launch of Galaxy S5. Following that Samsung switched towards ISOCELL Plus and ISOCELL 2.0 branding for the smartphone camera sensors. As of now, it appears that the company is working on the development of next-generation camera sensors with unique branding.

As per GalaxyClub, recently Samsung applied for trademark rights for XISO-CELL branding in association with KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) in South Korea. We don’t know many details as of now except the branding and the font. Furthermore, we are unsure if this branding will be utilized for Galaxy S23’s camera sensor or not. Since Galaxy S23 is the first smartphone by Samsung to feature a 200MP camera.

The term ISOCELL branding is derived from two words ‘isolated cells’. It was the Samsung’s method to lessen intrusion as well as noise regarding the two adjoining pixels in a camera. However, nothing can be said regarding how the addition of an X in the anterior of the existing ISOCELL branding will narrate its performance or qualities.

Since the previous few months, it is claimed that Galaxy S23 Ultra will display sensor-shift OIS. This sensor-shift OIS is similar to iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro series, and the iPhone 14 Pro series. However, it remains to check the accuracy of the said information. If the given news is correct how this relates to the new XISO-CELL branding by Samsung from any perspective? Where the Galaxy S23 is expected to launch by February 2023.