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This Japanese Fidget spinner would keep spinning while you have a meal

This expensive fidget spinner priced at $157 would go spinning for more than 13 minutes according to the manufacturer.

Japanese company NSK Micro Precision Co. specializes in manufacturing ball bearings which are used in various products, these high-quality ball bearings could make the fidget spinners that won’t stop spinning for a long time.

If you are crazy about collecting fidget spinners and willing to pay hefty price tag of $157 then you may add it to your collection. The product is cheaper than the Russian gold-plated spinner by Russian jewellery company Caviar.

The product is made in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Japan, which has passed the test by AFP for spinning around 13 minutes and 31 seconds. The fidget is made out of heavy brass and light aluminium ball bearings.

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Fidget spinners are not just the product to sell and generate revenues; the company uses it to showcase the ball bearings which are mainly used in space satellites.

The company’s president said in a statement, “Products with ball bearings are all around us, but most people can’t see them and do not pay much attention to them.”

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The company’s website doesn’t say anything how to buy this product and where to buy, this is unfortunate news if you already made up your mind to buy it.