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Jazz 4G starts a cross country bus experience for consumers

Jazz 4G

As of late, Jazz started an across the country experience transport tour in an offer to aware masses of its Super 4G service. Three Jazz branded transports are as of now on a two month long voyage through colleges and open places in the North, Central and Southern locales of the nation. Therefore, one of the Jazz Super 4G transports went to University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore, where Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz was additionally present.

Interacting with the understudies, Aamir Ibrahim emphasized how Jazz is completely dedicated to its computerized plan and sees 2018 as the time of fast information, according to rising buyer request particularly among the adolescent. He guaranteed that once individuals encounter Jazz Super 4G through the experience transport visit, they will want to be a part of the Jazz family.

The possibility of this movement is to bring issues to light among general society of how a super-quick, dependably on 4G association can change one’s advanced understanding, going to various urban communities of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi ). For this reason, each of the three transports offered understudies a completely immersive ordeal of Jazz 4G through virtual games and a photograph corner.

“People today expect a super-fast, reliable internet connection which compliments their on-the-go, social lifestyle. Jazz Super 4G offers exactly that and through our experiential bus tour, we are looking to ensure people realize that their digital lifestyle is about to change,” said KazimMujtaba, Head of Marketing – Jazz.

Each transport has a virtual puzzle game, where the player needs to complete the whole confound within 30 seconds to get a prize. Another amusement pits players against each other in a virtual cricket game played through VR headsets. Champs got prizes as tokens from the whole experience.

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