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Job application by Steve Jobs before apple sold for $174,757

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Before Apple Computer Company in 1976, Steve Jobs was just a regular dude looking for work. And like other people, he had to complete a job application at some point. One of those documents, filled out and signed by an 18-year old Jobs and dated “1973”, hit the auction block this week and sold for $174,757, including the buyer’s premium.

The winning bidder was an “internet entrepreneur from London who wishes to remain anonymous,” RR Auction, which handled the sale.

The single sheet of paper connected to Steve Jobs had an original estimated sale price of $50,000.

Jobs was a dropout at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, around the time of this application, auditing courses to save money. This means he was taking classes to expand his knowledge, but he wasn’t receiving grades or credit for the work.

Jobs took classes in Shakespeare, dance, and calligraphy, RR Auction reports. The latter would come full circle in the development of the Mac computers. Jobs filled out his application starting with his full name, “Steven jobs,” and listed “reed college” as his address. He jotted down “English lit” for his major and in the space for a phone number, he wrote “none.”

There is no past employment listed, though Jobs did have a driver’s license and “possible, not probable” access to transportation. In the Skills section, he checked off the Computer and Calculator fields, and wrote “design, tech”.

For Special Abilities, Jobs wrote “electronics tech or design engineer. digital. — from Bay near Hewitt-Packard [sic].” Though spelling and grammatical errors can be disaster for an applicant, the ones strewn throughout this document didn’t seem to have hindered the future innovator.

There is nothing o indicate what position Jobs was applying for, but we do know that he started working at Atari in 1974, according to All About Steve Jobs. And the rest is history.

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