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KP has launched first online art gallery

KP government has taken an initiative to support local artists and connect them to the world by introducing an online Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Art Gallery. The gallery aims at providing an online platform to its creative artists and allows them to deal with the local, national and international audience directly.

Artists believe that this online art gallery will not only help artists to find local buyers but also international art lovers would also be able to reach them. The art gallery was launched on Tuesday in order to promote the work of its artists local and abroad.

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The launching ceremony was held in Nishtar Hall—a famous cultural center at Peshawar, the ceremony was attended by several artists and concerned officials including director for Culture, Ajmal Khan.

While talking to media Ajmal Khan said, “We are only promoting artists, when the buyers click on the product they will get in touch with the creative artist, our directorate is just to help our creative individuals”

Addressing the gathering on the occasion by famous Pashto poet Abaseen Yousafzai said artists have created art pieces in which they captured unforgettable moments that went unnoticed by others, people working on creative arts always think differently and portray the event in front of people that they have never thought about—he added.

Yousafzai said, “The province is rich in culture and art and favorable for creating artwork that is admired all over the world, but artwork promotion is not up to mark. One of the KP’s renowned painters Jhanzeb Malik said, artists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had long faced difficulties, “We have wasted artists of international stature, their artwork was never promoted and their lives were never discussed in the media.”

The online platform is a great help for artists, however, many of them had little knowledge about information technology but the provincial administration would also help in this regard—Malik added.