KP’s First Female Careem Driver Shot Dead

The first woman driver of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa working with Careem—the ride-service providers has been shot dead by her husband. The accused has been arrested by the police.

As per the police, the deceased woman’s husband tried to cover himself up by framing the murder as a robbery attempt, however, he was caught later. According to the reports Nabeela Amber—the victim got married to her second husband some five months back.

With her car and five phones missing, the very first impression perceived was that she might she have been killed during a burglary. However, the police got suspicious when they saw a photo of a pistol posted by the victim’s children from her previous marriage on Facebook.

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During the two-day inquiry, the police also investigated and asked questions from the victim’s husband who later then confessed to his crime of murdering his wife. Police later also found the weapon that was used for killing the poor woman from his possession.

Abdul Basit—the victim’s husband, mentioned multiple reasons for murdering his wife. Police informed that the accused was strictly against his wife’s male friends visiting their home on a regular basis.

As per the police officials, the accused has got another wife as well, he gave a house as Haq Mahr to the deceased wife and he wanted to get the house back which led him to kill his wife.

The accused killer further said that his dead wife used to threaten him with telling his first wife about the marriage—which clearly means that Abdul Basit married for the second time secretly. The victim had three children and police would soon be deciding about their custody.

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