Latest Google Wallet update will let you disable animations

The company’s primary digital wallet platform, Google Wallet, is replete with amusing animations. Despite being attractive to the eye, not everyone finds them appealing. Up until now, there hasn’t been a way to get rid of them. You will be able to turn off the animations in Google Wallet, according to 9To5Google. Other alterations are also brought about by it.

If you’re unaware, Google Wallet is a platform that allows you to store a wide variety of digital cards. Your credit cards, reward cards, gift cards, and other cards are among them. Currently, Google is striving for you to be able to load both your passport and a state-issued ID or driver’s license. They can be kept in the app, and you may use it to make contactless payments as well.

Google wallet’s latest update

Animations in fun apps aren’t for everyone. Some folks simply don’t like animations, while others have phones that simply can’t handle them. People couldn’t turn off those animations prior to now. You will receive a new toggle in your settings because of the recent upgrade, though. “Success Animations” is the name of it. When you disable the setting, all you’ll see when you make a purchase is a checkmark and a static image of the GPay logo.

Another new function is on its way to the app. You can add barcodes and QR codes made from images. A pass can be generated from a barcode or QR code that has been digitally copied. This pass will be placed with your other cards.

Google gave the example of a gym subscription. The barcode on the back of your gym membership card can be photographed. You will then add some card-related information when you do that. When you do that, a copy of that barcode will be made and stored as a card. When you need to scan a card, you can then get to that card.

There’s a possibility that you won’t see this functionality right now because it’s still rolling out to additional users. To be sure you receive it, update your app. You should simply wait a few days if you still can’t see it.

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