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Leak: Apple iPhone 13 To Bring New Camera Functions

Apple’s upcoming iPhones, which will in all probability be marketed under the name iPhone 13, will apparently get a new special portrait mode for video recordings. In total, there should be three important new camera features for the new iPhone models.

As reported by the US business service Bloomberg, referring to its normally well-informed sources from the Apple environment, the group plans to introduce several important innovations around the camera functions of its latest iPhone models in the near future.

Soft focus for video backgrounds, ProRes and new specific photo filters

According to the report, Apple wants to introduce a new feature called “Cinematic Video” with which the user should benefit from the hardware innovations of the camera unit in the new smartphones. With Cinematic Video it should be possible to automatically draw the backgrounds of videos out of focus and have them recorded, which is supposedly part of a new portrait mode for videos.

In addition, there is also the so-called ProRes support, which offers significantly more control over the editing of the videos recorded with the new iPhones than before. It wasn’t until the iPhone 12 that Apple introduced ProRAW support, which gave users more options for post-processing photos after they were taken. Now you are also retrofitting the same for videos.

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Photos also affect another planned innovation that Apple wants to implement with the iPhone 13. It is planned to equip the devices with a kind of photo filter function, which can only be applied to certain elements of a photo. Unlike a normal photo, the adjustments made in this way do not affect the entire image, but only parts of it.

The Bloomberg report also wants to confirm once again that Apple is planning, among other things, an upgrade to the new Apple A15 SoC. In addition, there is talk of 120 Hertz-capable LTPO displays being installed – at least in the Pro models. At the same time, the report also describes this year’s upgrades as “cautious”, whereby one probably refers to the fact that Apple basically wants to offer an unchanged range of models.