LG Blames Samsung And Says Samsung 8K TV is Fake: Samsung Responded

Samsung 8K TV fake

Samsung has recently unveiled its 8K TV at IFA 2019 conference with other leading electronics manufacturers including Sony and TCL however, “Samsung 8K TV is fake” this is what LG Electronics said about Samsung 8K TV because the company says it does not meet the international standards of 8K resolution which makes a TV truly 8K, therefore Samsung is swindling its customers.

According to Park Hyoung-sei, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics said, “We believe that Samsung 8K TV is not truly 8K. Consumers should not be deceived this way, they should know exactly what is inside of what they are buying.”

“During the press conference at IFA 2019 on Saturday, Park said, “The product testing and certification organizations have fully tested the commercial 8K TVs coming from Samsung, LG, and Sony and found that contrast modulation of Samsung QLED 8K TV is 12% which is well below the minimum threshold of 50% to be truly 8K.”

According to the product testing reports, LG’s NanoCell 8K TV CM value reaches 90% and Sony’s 8K TV has reached 70%.

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The Contrast Modulation (CM) is the level of difference between the black brightness and white brightness on the screen, the higher CM tends to make more distinct white and black brightness which results in the sharper image on the screen.

The ICDM has the CM level threshold of the text display screen to 50% and image display screen to 25%, LG argues that 8K resolutions don’t only mean 33 megapixels but also CM values must exceed 50%.

Samsung had a lame response to LG’s accusations, Samsung Electronics VD Business Director (Image Display Division) didn’t point out any technical details about the product and said, “Samsung is leading the8K field, we are really disappointed by LG Electronics statement, these are just basic moves to catch up with Samsung brand.”

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