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LG Pay Could be Shutting Down this Year

LG is expected to shut down LG Pay for its LG smartphones. Though the company has not shared the closure dates.

LG Pay

LG has been with us for a long time. Like many other top similar electronics companies, LG also advanced through technology by introducing a series of devices besides producing televisions. But it wasn’t very good for the company when it entered the smartphone business. Although the company did well in the beginning for the past few years its data was going down. So it planned to shut its smartphone business, which it finally did yesterday. With this, the company also announced that it will also shut down its LG Pay, which was primarily for its smartphones.

In a recent statement, we heard LG is shutting down LG Pay

Thank you for being a valued customer of LG Pay! We regret to inform you that LG Pay will be phasing out and discontinued over the remainder of 2021. More specific details will follow.

Quoted by GSMArena

F|or users using this service, it is quite easy to switch to Google Pay on their LG handsets. However, the magnetic stripe feature that LG Phones supported on LG Pay would not be supported on Google Pay.

Samsung also offers the same feature for some of its flagships. But it is also not offering the same on the Galaxy S21 series. On the other side, NFC terminals are now more common than they were in 2015 when Samsung Pay first launched.

To mention here, LG first launched LG Pay in 2017. In 2018, the service started meeting newer mid-range devices, and in 2019 the company introduced support for magnetic stripe terminals in the United States.