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LG promises floating speakers at the CES this year

CES this year

At CES this year LG does not seem to be brining too many surprises. They have already announced a number of devices that they plan to show in the event which includes a couple of smart phones and monitors.

Rumors have it that the company is holding its new phone innovation for the Mobile World Congress. However, at the CES this year there seems to be little or no product innovation from the company. The one thing that is getting a lot of tech enthusiasts excited is the levitating speakers at the show. LG aims to showcase its floating speakers at the CES this year along with some other smart phones. The PJ9 is not the first Bluetooth speaker that provides a combination of music and floating. But, seems like LG has innovated the speakers in design rather than in concept.

There are a couple of companies who have worked on the floating speakers before. This space in the tech industry is rather odd and lacks companies. One of these floating speakers looks like a death star which is all new with the Galactic Empire lot. LG does not plan to incorporate a galactic theme in its floating speakers.

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Levitation speakers are the highlight of CES this year by LG

The LG design for floating speaker offers a 360 degree sound which emanates from a turbine blade inspirational design. The unit also has subwoofer which is built into what seems like a large base station. This also has electromagnets for the levitation part, making them floating speakers. The speakers seem to be heavy in design.

The floating speaker is IPX7 that is water resistant and offers a battery life of up to 19 hours. The battery life is however to be tested. One of the best things about it is the battery backup. When the charge runs low the speakers descend into the base station and fill their charge backup. The company has not released a word on pricing or availability of the product.

Image via Android Community