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LG Selling Its Last Phones To Own Employees

LG Smartphones

After giving up its smartphone business, LG has started to sell the few devices already produced for its first smartphone with a rollable display and another new model to its own employees – as a souvenir, so to speak.

In April, LG announced, more or less surprisingly, that it would stop developing and selling smartphones due to the lack of success and the enormous pressure of competition. Just a few weeks earlier, the company had announced the introduction of the first smartphone with a rollable OLED display.

The manufacturer had tried for a long time to maintain the division through personnel changes and new design concepts, but in the end, they pulled the ripcord. It was only in March that LG announced the launch of the so-called LG Rollable, a smartphone with a roll-out display that should mutate into a kind of tablet if necessary.

No resale allowed

Exactly this device is now allegedly offered in small numbers to employees of the company. Exact technical data or information about the equipment and the number of devices are not known. Allegedly, LG also forbids buyers from reselling the products, so it is questionable whether and when we will learn more about the LG Rollable.

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In addition to the LG Rollable, the manufacturer apparently also had a new version of the LG Velvet in the pipeline, which had to be abandoned before its market launch. According to reports, around 3000 units of the LG Velvet 2 Pro, the alleged name of the device with a new edition of the attractive design, are now being sold to LG employees.

Each of the smartphones equipped with a teardrop display is said to be offered to employees for around 150 euros, although each may only purchase a maximum of two. LG offers its employees an internal guarantee of around six months, but this only applies until the components in stock have been used up. Software updates are not to be expected, however, they say.