LG will keep on rolling Android updates for a while, amid exiting the phone business

Although, LG is leaving the smartphone business, the company announces that it would send some Android OS updates to some selected devices.

We all know that LG is exiting the smartphone business. The company took the decision after incurring huge losses over the period. Though it’s confirmed that the company will exit the smartphone business, the company assured that it would be rolling out Android OS updates to many of its smartphones.

According to the source, LG would remember the Velvet, Wing, and G- and V- series phones from 2019 or later and would be sending three Android updates from their year of release. It has also confirmed, “2020 models such as LG Stylo and K series” will get two updates.

The LG Velvet was released in 2020 with Android 10, and now it’s getting Android 11. The device would then receive Android 12 and 13 at some point. The company states it as a “three-year pledge” and a “three-OS-update guarantee.”

According to the source, it is also expected that the company would also roll out the Android 12 update to some selected models, other than the ones categorized earlier.

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