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Light multi-camera design might soon be incorporated into a phone


Imagine this: You take your phone out of your pocket and unfold it like a napkin into a tablet. You press your finger on the screen, and it unlocks. You switch to the camera app, and a spider-like series of lenses shoot simultaneously to capture one big photo.

A few years back, Light propelled its L16 camera, a “multi-aperture computational camera” that features 16 focal lenses. At least ten of them catch a picture all the while yet at various central lengths and the camera at that point joins those different pictures into a solitary 52-megapixel photograph. Presently, the Washington Post reports that the organization is chipping away at conveying that idea to a telephone.

So what does light’s plan ensue for the phone market?

Light demonstrated to the publication different concept telephones and models that had in the vicinity of five and nine lenses fused onto their backs. What’s more, the organization asserts its design can catch 64-megapixel shots, can take better photographs in low light and offers advanced depth impacts. Light says a cell phone with its multi-lens configuration will be declared not long from now, yet it will be interesting to perceive how those lenses influence the cost.

As the Washington Post notes, valued at $1950, the L16 surely isn’t shabby. The tech market has been zooming in on software and artificial intelligence capabilities, which still hold huge potential. But there’s a lot to be done on improving phone hardware, too, the number one reason most people upgrade. With a solid design and awesome camera quality, there is not to say why phone consumers won’t be happy.

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