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How Long Tail Keywords Provide Best Organic Traffic?

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SEO field is constantly evolving and every year there are new tips and tricks to gain organic traffic. One of the old and still useful technique is keyword research and without spending extra bucks. Your SEO strategy can make real difference by using long tail keywords to provide best organic traffic.

Not sure if it really works? Here, is a complete guide how long tail keyword will help you in this task.

How to do Keyword Research?

First we will talk about few basics of keyword research. Keyword means any search term or phrase used by general public to find stuff on Google or any other search engine. Some phrases or terms are really popular and people search for them all the time. According to Keyword Planner by Google, the search term ”how to lose weight” is searched over 100,000 times each year.

On the other hand, every day 15% of Google search terms are never searched before. If we change this percentage into numbers, it will make around 500 million searches every day that are unique.

Long tail keywords are those terms which lie somewhere in between these very unique and highly competitive keywords.


What are Long Tail Keywords?

This type of keywords is likely to be more precise searches they are basically searched less often. These are done by those people who are about to make their buying decisions. As we have mentioned above the example of ”how to lose weight”, cannot be termed as a long tail keyword. However, as the searcher learns more about his options and gets more information about the subject, he will search for more detailed and specific terms about weight loss.

May be he will search for something like below:

‘‘Low carb dinner recipes”

‘‘Lose weight without exercise”

‘‘Do weight loss pills work?”

These long tail keywords  indicate that if you target suitable such keywords in your SEO strategy, it will boost traffic, more essentially, it will draw in audience which is attracted to your business.

Attracting Traffic with Long Tail Keywords

Once you are done with setting up your website, the next step is to add unique and well-written content such as blog posts and new pages to your site.

However, you should know what to write in these posts.

On this point, you have to work on keyword research and use the most suitable long tail keywords. For example, your website is related to nutrition and you are targeting ”how to lose weight”. Your chances to get on 1st page of Google are as rare as winning lottery without purchasing the ticket.

Most of the new site owners make this same mistake. They look in Keyword Planner and decide to focus on this phrase as thousands of searches per month are made.

The best SEO approach is to concentrate on ranking for few pages with the right long tail keywords that perhaps only gets 500 or 50 times each month.


Keywords Used by Your Competitors

Before you start brainstorming on keyword ideas, you should search for the sites which are working in the same niche as yours. You can spy on your competitors’ keywords by using many useful tools available online such as Ahrefs, Moz and Long Tail Pro.

Taking the example of a nutrition website, you can search for another health focused website which you like or consider as your competitor. Now, just search that website’s domain in one of these tools to start your research. It will give you an overview of the site like domain rank and total number of backlinks.


The Answering Approach

Your customers ask questions and they want answers. You are supposed to answer these questions and offer them the information they want. You need to listen to them and should take approach of a teacher and not think like a salesman.

The answering approach means you have to start by brainstorming. You have to write down all the questions your present and potential customers use to search on a daily basis.

The logic behind this approach is if they are asking these questions, may be other people are asking same questions as well. So note down every question you can think of and write a post on each one of them. You can include other staff members in the brainstorming process so you will have more content ideas.


Search for Popular Keywords

Once you are done searching competitors’ keywords, it’s time to use available data to find other keywords. You know how often any keyword is searched on Google but that’s not enough. You have to analyze the competition. You have to search for keywords which have less quality competition in the top 10 search results. After all, if your website is not on the Google’s first page, it is practically invisible.

Target Long Tail Keywords

Now again consider the example of nutrition website, you can target “low carb diet grocery list” as your long tail keyword. If you search for this keyword in Long tail Pro, it will show it has 26 competitiveness rating (on a scale of 1 — 100). This show it has lower quality competitiveness.

You have come up with a good keyword. It’s time to create a new post/page on your website and focus on this keyword. When you are writing this post, you have to use the exact keyword in page title and the heading of the page.

This will help search engines to know what your page is about. In this scenario, your page is fully focused on the specific keywords that you hope to rank for. We would recommend WordPress users to use Yoast SEO plugin. It will make sure you use your keywords at the right places.

You should avoid keyword stuffing but you can use your keyword in the heading of page. Also try to include it in couple of other places as well. You should distribute the density of your keywords. Your first and foremost priority should be your customers. Search engines like those websites who offer value and information to their users.

Now it’s important to create the best quality content as compared to your competitors so you can rank first. But don’t expect that it can happen overnight. Newer posts take time to get ranking in search engines. However, this process has become faster in Google as it has applied real time search engine ranking factors.


A Word of Caution

Your hard work won’t pay off if you write mediocre content by using world’s best long tail keywords. You have to develop great content.

If you follow the above mentioned steps, you would surely see success. There are many businesses which haves used them and they bring great results.


Image credits: ahrefs

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