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LUMS threatened by Extremists for its Supposed Anti-Islam Activities

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has been threatened by extremists for its supposed ‘anti-Islam’ activities. Through messages over social media and SMS, a warning has been issued to LUMS management. The reason for the threat as mentioned in the warning message is due to the recent visit by LUMS students to Rabwah city which is the Ahmadiyya community’s headquarter.

LUMS Assistant Professor of Political Science Taimur Rehman took his class to the Ahmadiyya community’s headquarters in Rabwah so that they can interact with the community and know about them.

Prof Rehman said, “In an environment where religious groups are spreading hate against the persecuted Ahmadiyya community, me and my students decided to go to Rabwah to express solidarity with the community.”

The trip basically allowed the students to interact with the Ahmadiyya community and enabled them to grasp a better understanding of their issues and problems. But as the incident was reported by a local news agency Rabwah Times, the issue got highlighted and threats were given to Prof Rehman, his students, and the LUMS administration.

Here is a message that circulated over the internet, “What is the LUMS teaching its students? Is this not the anti-Islam agenda of this university?” and “If LUMS does not respond, we will launch a campaign against them just like we launched a campaign against Beacon House.”

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Beaconhouse School System also came under fire earlier when the defence analyst Zaid Hamid criticized the school for asking a question about the reasons for Pakistan Army’s loss in the 1971 war.