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Lumus makes a quick move in augmented reality

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Lumus is a startup which focuses on building augmented reality technology. It has been around since 200 and initially built optic technology for the military. The optic technology got integrated in the helmets of Air Force fighter pilots. The Tel-aviv  company specializing in augmented reality display is shifting towards consumers and enterprise customers. It has placed a huge bet on the smart glasses device which is the next big wave in computer technologies. . It has put hard work to reach novel ways of producing augmented reality display technologies which have become a hit. For nearly a decade solely invested in R&D. A technology called waveguide displays allows light projection across a transparent display from the edge.

Today, the company announced that it has raised an additional $30 million in funding from investors which include HTC, Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Quanta Computer. Lumus, this past June had raised $15 million led by a private investment firm called Shanda Group and Crystal-Optech. This is a Chinese optical imaging company. The company is now bundling these major investments into a $45 million Series C round.

Augmented Reality is new enterprise favorite

HTC has positioned itself in the market as a major power player in the virtual reality space. The VIVE headset and relating technologies have well carve out its place. These investments come as a interesting move for HTC because its current movement focuses on extension into augmented reality.

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The D50 developer kit can hold a display with a field of view of around 40 degrees which is larger than the HoloLens by Microsoft. Next month it plans to unveil a developer kit device which has 50% larger field of view. Lumus plans on integrating its products into a variety of augmented reality headsets across manufacturers. Dagri and Atheer are two companies making use of the optical tech to power their enterprise-gear smart glasses. The company already had a concept design video for its augmented reality display technology three years from now. It is making an aggressive leap into carving a solid space in the world of augmented reality space.

Image via Extreme Tech