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MacBook Pro With M2 Chip Reviewed: Here is what you get

The new MacBook Pro with an M2 processor has recently become available. The first tests have already been done – the US media in particular has published extensive reviews of the refurbished laptop. We looked at a few and summarized the tests. Apple presented the M2 MacBook Pro at the beginning of June and was surprised with an almost unchanged design.

This point is also mentioned in almost all reviews – otherwise, the testers will limit themselves to trying to clarify the performance of the new Apple M2 chips. However, anyone expecting in-depth insights will be disappointed. The first look in these tests of the new MacBook Pros focuses on the M2 processor and is therefore often somewhat one-dimensional.

The opinions of the media

The verge did some comparisons between the M2 MacBook Pro and its M1 predecessor, as well as the M1 Pro chip in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro: “In the single-core benchmarks I ran, the M2 outperformed the more expensive M1 Pro, which in itself is impressive (it suggests that while the M1 Pro has more processing cores than the M2, those cores on an individual level aren’t quite as strong as the M2’s processing cores). Ultra variants that we’re likely to see in the future; they’re likely to feature single-core speed improvements over their M1-based predecessors, rather than just more cores installed,” the report said.

Otherwise, the battery life is very positive. On the other hand, there were devaluations in addition to the 2016 design, the webcam, and the fact that the computer only has two USB-C ports. At the online magazine iMore the main question is how “new” the new MacBook Pro actually is. Pendants are the relatively few makeovers. According to iMore, these are particularly convincing. The M2 masters all the tasks set in the test and is a “successful update”. iMore concludes its report with an overview of the pros and cons that speak for and against a purchase.

CNET notes that while the M2 MacBook Pro is the first M2 Mac, the real comparison won’t come until the release of the M2 MacBook Air next month. This gives a better idea of ​​the efficiency and performance of the M2 chip.
Tom’s guide while he concludes that the new MacBook Pro offers great performance and amazing battery life, he wonders if that is enough. However, this review also doesn’t reveal many negatives. On the other hand, there are praises for the keyboard, which was hardly mentioned in the tests.

Gizmodo has some more full details on the M2’s performance in benchmarking tests and how it compares to other devices on the market: “Our tests supported these claims, with the M2 chip helping the MacBook Pro 13 achieve a Geekbench 5 score of 8603, which is about 15.2 percent higher than the previous model (7470 points), although the MacBook Pro 13 cannot be compared with the MacBook Pro 14 (12,663) with M1 Max or with the more powerful Intel chips in gaming laptops like the Asus Zephyrus G14 (9,830), the MacBook Pro outperforms its competitors like the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (6,643) and the Lenovo Yoga 9i (7,259) with the latest Intel Core i7-1260P.”