MacWhisper transcription gets a new display mode with a major update


MacWhisper is a macOS application that converts audio and even video data into text on-site using OpenAI technology. Version 3.0 of the software, which was recently released by its creator, Jordi Bruin, includes several enhancements, including a new display mode. Continue reading as we go over the update’s changes in depth.

What is different in MacWhisper 3.0?

Display Mode, a new option to read the entire transcript as one long piece of text, is included in the most recent version of MacWhisper. Additionally, a toggle makes it simple to switch between the new modes. A full transcript text file export option is available, in addition to batch export choices for transcription files and DOTE file formats.

The additional features that have been added to MacWhisper over the past two months are also highlighted by Bruin. A podcast can be translated using one of these modes, which separates the dialogue for each host’s audio file and provides audio files for each host. Additionally, it is possible to transcribe audio that has been recorded by system applications, for example, by recording an entire Zoom or FaceTime session.

Additionally, the developer claims that internal upgrades have made MacWhisper 40% faster.

For those who are not familiar with it, the MacWhisper app makes use of OpenAI’s Whisper technology. Your audio files never go to an online server because everything is processed locally on the Mac. The audio files you are transcribing are private and safe since no one else has access to them.

Drag an audio or video file into the application, and MacWhisper will automatically transcribe every dialogue. My personal vlog videos are subtitled using MacWhisper, which is a great tool for the job. Notably, MacWhisper supports English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese in addition to other languages.

The MacWhisper app is free. The Medium and Large transcription models, however, require the purchase of MacWhisper Pro. Macs running macOS Ventura and later are compatible with the tool. It is advised to run it on a Mac with an M1 or higher processor, though. You may find more information here.

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