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Many apps are violating privacy rules and sending data to Facebook


It’s not simply dating and health applications that may damage your privacy when they send information to Facebook. A Privacy International investigation has discovered that “at least” 20 out of 34 mainstream Android applications are transmitting sensitive data to Facebook without asking authorization, including Kayak, MyFitnessPal, Skyscanner and TripAdvisor.

This regularly incorporates analytics data that sends on launch, including your unique Android ID, however, can likewise incorporate information that sends later.

While the data may not promptly distinguish you, it could hypothetically be utilized to remember somebody through indirect methods, for example, the applications they have introduced or whether they travel with a similar individual.

The worry isn’t only that applications are oversharing information, yet that they might violate the EU’s GDPR privacy rules by both gathering data without the consent and conceivably identifying clients. You can’t lay the fault exclusively at the feet of Facebook or developers, however. Facebook’s relevant developer unit didn’t give the alternative to ask to consent until after GDPR produced results. The social media organization developed a fix, yet it’s uncertain that it works or that developers are executing it appropriately. Various applications were all the while utilizing more seasoned forms of the developer kit, as per the examination. Skyscanner noticed that it was “not mindful” it was sending information without authorization.

Facebook was sympathetic to Privacy International’s concerns in response, stating that it was crucial for people to both know when an app send data and to “have control” over whether or not that data is linked to them. 

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Image via CIO Australia