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Material You design will be soon introduced for Google News on your Galaxy tablet

In 2022, the tech company Google declared that it will put in all its efforts for introducing apps optimized for tablets and foldable smartphones. The main purpose of this announcement was to bring forward a better design language for apps on big screens. Since then, we have observed some quick and rapid measures by the company. Apparently, the company has updated several apps. The updated apps consist of Google Keep, Google Play Store, Google Photos, and Google TV. As of now, the new updates have enabled a better layout for apps on tablets.

It appears like another app in the pipeline is going to receive similar design updates i.e., Google News. The recent information was spotted by Android Police from the images posted in the Telegram group of Google News. As per these images, it is evident that a better layout, as well as design for the Google News app on tablets, is on its way. There are many modifications. One of the most notable modifications is the relocation of the navigation rail from the bottom to the right side of the screen. The position is switched when the device is used in landscape mode. Another modification is regarding the news articles and stories. These are now presented with a card-style layout.

In addition to this, the search bar has also received some shape changes i.e., it now has rounded corners in contrast to the previous rectangle shape. This modification of the search bar is similar to the one presented with the Material You design theme used in other apps as well. The changes include the Material You (MD3) design guidelines. It suggests that some wallpaper-inspired colors will be utilized in the app. As of now, the update has not been released. But we can anticipate that in the coming days, it will be rolled out to the beta channel.

Do note that the update is server-side. So, it might require some time before reaching out to everyone. However, it could be activated just for beta testers in the initial phase.