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Maxell Sues Apple Again After Peeking Into Code


Electronics manufacturer Maxell has filed another lawsuit against Apple, again accusing the company of infringing its patents through FaceTime and some photo functions on the iPhone, iPad and other hardware.

This is reported by the Apple Insider. The lawsuit, filed last week, is basically about well-known allegations against Apple, which Maxell has now significantly expanded. The US District Court for the Western District of Texas (Waco Division) should now clarify whether Apple used a total of twelve Maxell patents without having licensed them accordingly.

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It is not the first time that Maxell has taken action against Apple. In the two previous years, 2019 and 2020, Maxell filed a lawsuit against Apple. And in the new lawsuit, Maxell again listed a number of patents that were or are the subject of the other lawsuits, because the proceedings have not yet been completed – that is extremely unusual.

Maxell found more

The new lawsuit presumably results from the permission granted by a court to Maxell: In summer 2020, the company was given the opportunity to review Apple’s source code. The technologies are said to have been wrongly used by Apple in the iPhone, the Apple Watch and also the Mac. It’s about FaceTime, white balance and face recognition when taking photos and unlocking a mobile device. Maxell claims damages in court “with interest and costs equal to the lost profit and in no case less than a reasonable license fee”.

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According to Apple Insider, the damage has not yet been figured out to be pennies and pennies. It is said, however, that Maxell also expects a tripling of damages and interest, as well as the usual coverage of his expenses, costs and legal fees.