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McAfee Stinger Download – Remove specific viruses


McAfee Stinger download scans your PC for viruses, worms, and other forms of malware and removes them completely and safely. McAfee Stinger is to be understood as a supplement to existing virus scanners. The use of the software makes sense, for example, if a system is already infected or at least there is a corresponding suspicion. The free software is currently available in version

McAfee Stinger download & installation

McAfee Stinger supports all Windows versions from Windows XP SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit respectively). At least Internet Explorer 8 or newer must be available on the PC. Installation is not required. Therefore, it is sufficient to start the downloaded .exe file. After clicking the scan button, McAfee Stinger searches the most important locations in the system for viruses and other malware by default. This includes running processes, the registry, or boot sectors. Any malware found is automatically cleaned up by the tool. Sometimes it can also repair damaged files.

Customize McAfee Labs Stinger

Via the program settings, users can add further directories to the scanning process or exclude certain areas from the scan. It is also possible to blacklist your own MD5 hashes. This should give system administrators the opportunity to effectively combat particularly current threats.

Stinger Antivirus with real-time protection

Stinger also has real-time protection, which is currently still in beta. The function called “Real Protect” uses a combination of machine learning and cloud-based behavior analysis to discover suspicious actions on the PC and, if necessary, to prevent them. Real Protect is set up automatically when the software starts and can be found via the program icon in the system tray. If the protection is not desired, it can be switched off by right-clicking on the corresponding icon. At least for now, McAfee is not designed as everyday virus protection. The use of the tool is therefore particularly recommended in an emergency with already infected systems. Since the software does not have an automatic update function, the latest version should always be downloaded before use, as this is the only way to recognize the latest threats.