MediaTek unveils Dimensity 6100+ for upcoming mid-range smartphones

According to some recent pieces of information, MediaTek has introduced a new mobile chipset. The information indicates that the chipset is designed for mid-range smartphones. It is the Dimensity 6100+. Several companies could use this chipset in their future mid-range smartphones.

Features of Dimensity 6100+

It supports Sub-6 5G. Do note that it doesn’t include the mmWave. On the inside, the CPU of Dimensity 6100+ consists of two Cortex-A76 cores and six Cortex-A55 cores. It has support for 10-bit 90 Hz or 120 Hz displays. Besides this, the chipset support “AI-powered cameras” (up to 108 MP). The smartphones equipped with this chipset will enable “2K” 30fps video capture.

In addition to this, the chipset features “UltraSave 3.0+ technology.” In contrast to other competitive solutions, this technology has the potential to offer 20% less 5G power consumption. The “AI-bokeh” fully supports excellent portraits and selfies. To enable “AI-color” technology on popular smartphones MediaTek is also collaborating with Arcsoft. In this way, users will be able to show off their creativity.

As soon as the first products using this chip are available for purchase, we will undoubtedly learn more. It is anticipated that it will launch sometime in the third quarter of this year, or from now until the end of September. We will keep you updated about this.

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