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Meesha Shafi Asks Why Half a Dozen Women Coming Forward Against Ali Zafar Are Not Enough

If you are among those who think that the Meesha Shafi vs. Ali Zafar scandal has died down, then you are mistaken. It seems that Meesha’s sexual assault accusations against Ali Zafar would keep on resurfacing in the media for some more time.

As we all are already aware that the lady singer has accused Zafar of sexually harassing her on a multiple occasion. The latest development on the matter was Shafi’s legal team responding to the Kill Dill actor’s defamation notice with one of their own, asking him to apologise not just to Meesha but also to the other women who came forward with their claims against him.

Through all this time, the Sun Ve Balori singer spoke the least on the matter. Until now, when she took it to Twitter to say that she was not the only one who has been exploited by Ali Zafar.

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While responding to a tweet by a user asking her to name all the harassers not just target one singer, Shafi wrote that yes, he is the only one who harassed her, but she was not the only one harassed at the male singer’s hand. She further wrote that half a dozen women have come forward are they not enough for everyone. How many more would it take? Kindly put forward a number.

Once again Meesha Shafi is getting support and encouragement from her fans on her recently responded statement.



Earlier, the thirty-six-year-old publicly announced her suspected suffering, mentioning that she was sharing her experiences to break the culture of silence circulating harassment and abuse in Pakistan.

After Shafi’s accusations against Ali Zafar many other women came forward with their accusations against the male singer.

Many women are coming forward sharing their own experiences of being sexually exploited, it seems that the #MeToo movement has finally come to our country as well.

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