Meesha Shafi Reveals the Reason Behind Deactivation of Her Social Media Accounts

A couple of weeks after Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassing her sexually, the singer has deactivated her Facebook and Instagram accounts, thus raising many questions.

The famous singer has faced cyberbullying and severe criticism after she openly tweeted against Ali Zafar accusing him of sexual harassment of physical nature, considering which Meesha decided to shut down all her social media accounts except for Twitter as she informed according to reports.

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When inquired by Images the reason behind her closing her Instagram and Facebook accounts she answered that the accounts have been deactivated for very clear reasons. She added that the kind of threats, abuse, slander and bullying that she has been subjected to is one strong reason that led her to take this action in order to not just protect herself but also her family, especially her two young children who were also being targeted to personal attack on the social media platforms.

She was also asked about her opinion regarding the people who have remained silent on the matter and belongs to the entertainment industry. To this, she replied that she now clearly understands that speaking truth is not easy and it takes a lot of courage and strength to speak. She said to expect the same from others is a lot to ask or even expect for. She added that the silence from some of the industry people had been hurting indeed. She further added that she chose to stand up alone and she would not be judging anyone for it.

Regarding the rumours floating about her, she said that she does not pay much notice to them. She said that the slandering campaign against me is exactly what that has limited or prevented women from speaking out for many years. She mentioned that she does not have any PR teams to combat rumours and slandering with some counter rumours or slanders. She added by all this propaganda against me women are being given this message that they should remain silent.

She also informed that her legal experts are dealing in this matter.

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