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Meta drops off the remaining two smartwatches from its plan

Meta is the New Facebook

According to a new report by Reuters, on November 11 [via The Verge], Meta has cancelled the plan for the two remaining smartwatches. Given the hardware perspective, Meta has contributed some incredible devices n the industry. These include the popular VR headset the Quest. Additionally, the plans for smartwatches were also in the pipeline. Meta was going to introduce multiple smartwatches. One of them got cancelled earlier this year.

the smartwatch was codenamed Milan. It had two integrated cameras. One camera was provided with a 5MP sensor specific for video calls, while the other was having a 12MP camera used for snapping photos. For sure it was one of the most ambitious projects. Though, it had with it many security and privacy concerns. But, sadly in the middle of June, the plan for this watch got cancelled. This left the company with other two smartwatches on the plan.

As per the recent news, the other two smartwatches have also been cancelled by the company. It seems like the company is working to enhance its core hardware offerings i.e., VR headsets. This could probably refer towards the recent job cuts within the company. Apparently, 11,000 staff members lose their jobs.

Not only the Meta smartwatches but other hardware is being cancelled

Among the hardware chopping block, smartwatches are not the only products to be counted. Meta has decided to halt the portal project, too. The smart display of the company was analogous to the Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show. The main intention behind the creation of the portal was to enable a smart display for video calling. However, users would also be given access to other features. these include playing music, checking the weather, watching the news and more.

Additionally, it could also be utilized for controlling smart home devices. But one thing needs attention over here. It is that you can still buy the Portal as well as the Portal Go from retailers. But make sure that Meta has decided to move on from its Portal project. Therefore, be wise before dumping your money on one of such things.

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