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Meta recruits from Microsoft’s HoloLens

Meta, the new parent company of Facebook, is currently betting everything on the Metaversum card, so you can see your future in augmented and virtual reality. You also invest a lot for this and hire numerous employees – and recruit them from Microsoft, among others.

Microsoft’s HoloLens was and is a fascinating technology, but – despite some respectable successes in the business sector – it did not quite make it onto the big public stage. Internally, things are not quite running either: Some employees in the HoloLens team are dissatisfied and are looking for alternative employment options. And you can obviously find them in large numbers in the meta, the Facebook “successor”.

Hololens To Meta

As the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that many previous HoloLens employees have recently left Microsoft to look for a new job with competitors. Mind you, the HoloLens team of the Redmond company is quite large, it lasted around 1500 people. However, according to WSJ information, this has shrunk, around 100 employees have been lost, more than 40 of them have found new jobs at Meta.

That doesn’t come in handy for Microsoft: Even if HoloLens is hardly an issue for the general public, the Redmond-based company signed a $22 billion deal with the US Army last year, in which HoloLens is implemented for military use. There have been delays here recently, and a lack of employees will certainly not help.

In-demand developers

The dissatisfaction in the HoloLens team is related to the IVAS project for the army. Because former employees say that Microsoft has not hired enough developers to cushion the pressure of working on IVAS. However, Microsoft is not the only company affected by the wave of meta-poaching; Apple is also said to have recently lost numerous employees from the AR / VR corner.