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Microsoft Adds Latest Standby Feature In Windows 10X

Windows 10X

The upcoming Windows 10X should be available to the user particularly quickly and with more extensive information after returning from hibernation than has usually been the case with Windows installations up to now.

Microsoft will ship Windows 10X with the Modern Standby feature. That comes from a report from Windows Latest. In principle, the functionality is not entirely new, but it should be particularly effective in the new version of the Redmond operating system. This is especially true because the impression of an immediately available and networked system with Windows 10X should be significantly improved once again.

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The goal is basically that a desktop PC or a notebook is available as quickly and up-to-date as a smartphone when it is brought out of sleep. Of course, this primarily concerns a significantly accelerated speed when the device wakes up.

Quickly available

In addition, modern standby can only be compared to the well-known real idle state to a limited extent. The computer looks inactive to the user and requires very little energy, but some processes are still active. This applies in particular to the network connection, via which some data can still be accessed. The main aim here is to ensure that email clients or social media apps are up to date immediately after waking up and do not have to call up the latest data first.

In some cases, however, it is not just a limited amount of data that is retrieved here. Among other things, OneDrive can also perform its synchronization in the modern standby state, so that even large files are available immediately after waking up. But here there will probably be some options for fine-tuning the feature. How the function will be implemented in Windows 10X, like so much else, remains a secret of the Windows developers.