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Microsoft Announces New Xbox the project Scarlett

After a long time Microsoft announces new Xbox on Sunday, the tech giant has codenamed the new Microsoft Xbox as “Project Scarlett”, according to the details Microsoft will launch this new gaming console by the end of this year.

Microsoft has declared the new device as four times more powerful and efficient than the Xbox One S, it also offers more memory, higher resolution and much better graphics along with more internal storage.

Phil Spencer, executive VP of Microsoft gaming during the event on Sunday said, “A console should be built and optimized for one thing and that one thing is only Games.”

The Xbox staff in a teaser video has also hinted about the faster loading screens for gamers. Thousands of games on four console generations will appear and play best on the new gaming console, Microsoft added.

Unlike mobile phones which get refreshed every year or even twice or thrice a year, the gaming consoles get upgrades after few years, the last time Microsoft ramped up its Xbox in the form of Xbox One was in 2013.

This is very good news for gamers who already love Microsoft gaming consoles, the company announced ahead of E3 2019 video gaming conference. The biggest gaming console rival Sony has announced previously that it will not attend the conference for the first time in the history; this also means that Sony is not considering launching its new Play Station in competition with Xbox.

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Microsoft will also launch a new game “Halo Infinite” along with the new console, the company has also upgraded the controllers which comes with Bluetooth and rechargeable battery and lasts up to 40 hours. It will cost $179.99, the company started offering online preorders as well.