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Microsoft cancels its plans for Xbox One VR headset

Microsoft abandons its plans to carry on with VR for Xbox One but we can expect would release the new Microsoft HoloLens soon.

Microsoft has confirmed that the company is giving up on Xbox One console’s VR technology, for now, bad news for AR and VR lovers who had been hoping for the release of new Microsoft headset for the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s chief marketing officer of gaming Mike Nicholas has told GameIndustry.biz that the company doesn’t have any plans specific for Xbox One consoles.

This was a completely U-turn from the previous statement by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, who promised to integrate VR into Xbox One X. Microsoft seems to prefer bringing VR and AR to PC which can serve multiple purposes rather than just gaming alone if it was focusing on Xbox.

Although, it’s a good decision by Microsoft to bring VR and AR immersive experiences to PC, Nicholas justification of PC being a better platform is true as it is open, already has multiple stakeholders supporting it.

Despite making 180 degrees from console’s technology, Microsoft’s mixed reality MR is still very much in the game. It has been reported that Microsoft is finalizing its new HoloLens and affordable motion controllers which don’t need sensor setup would be made available along with the headset.

Sony previously said that its PlayStation VR sales were well short of expectations shows the companies are struggling to tap the early VR market. This might be the reason Microsoft sitting back and watching Oculus and HTC doing the job for them at least on PC.