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Microsoft Completely Removes Flash Player In Windows 10 May 2021 Update

Adobe Flash Player

Microsoft has recently and quietly confirmed that the new Windows 10 deleted Flash Player and the changes will be launched in June and July. According to the updated roadmap, there is no longer a need for a separate update to remove Flash Player. Eventually, Flash Player will be completely removed in July through the “Patch Tuesday” update.

As expected, the Windows 10 21H1 version, also known as the May 2021 update, will be the first operating system version without Adobe Flash Player. If you upgrade to the May 2021 update, Flash Player will automatically stop working on your system.

After these changes, users can no longer continue to use Adobe Flash Player. If they want to continue using Flash Player, they need to stop Windows Update. Another option is to reinstall the Windows system without installing patch updates. The last option is to run a completely independent environment (such as a virtual machine) on the old version of Windows.

It should be reminded that Microsoft will only remove the Flash Player components that are automatically included in Windows 10. This means that if you use a third-party solution or manually installed Flash Player, it will not be deleted.

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